• Cultivation and facilitation of partnerships between schools, communities, and businesses to create multi-dimensional, cross-sector, innovative learning opportunities for students, teachers, school leaders, and community.

  • Creation of opportunities for school leaders and staff to participate in authentic, data-driven, job-embedded learning.

  • Mobilization of resources to invest in and incubate innovative programming that strides to address critical questions of sustainability and resiliency, with education as the driving force for change.

  • Independent research and analysis to support development and scale of best practices in educational innovation.

  • Dissemination of credible and reliable information to policy makers, media, community, and other stakeholder groups.

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The moonshot laboratory: Hawaii

As a starting point, we will invest in and study programs that empower students to be audacious and courageous thinkers and problem solvers, and support visionary school and system leaders.  Student-designed horizon technologies can change the world - The Moonshot Laboratory puts students at the center of transforming Hawaiʻi, asking them to shape the future they will live and work in.