Katelyn is going into the 9th grade and enjoys reading, making art, and playing music on the piano and clarinet. She is looking forward to meeting new people and exploring creative new technologies for Education Incubator. We are so excited to have her on our team this summer!



Gen will be heading into the seventh grade. He likes to play piano and saxophone. He also enjoys skateboarding and doing origami. Gen's passion project is to create an origami strategy game to raise funds to help youth in-need to have opportunities to learn and create art. Mahalo Gen for joining us this summer!



Mayumi will be in fifth grade this fall. She likes to draw, read, write, and watch movies. Her favorite book is a tie between Harry Potter, the Prisoner of Askaban, and The Book of Wonders. Mayumi started Beach Glass Aloha, a business where she organizes beach cleanups and selects from the trash collected glass to create jewelry. We are thrilled she will be with us this summer!



John will be heading into 5th grade. He has been a part of Education Incubator's Open Lab and has been working on an innovation in reusable bags for the baked goods, in an effort to reduce and raise awareness of plastic pollution. We are so excited to have him with us as a summer intern!



We are so excited to have Dayevin with us as a volunteer intern this summer! He has a burning curiosity for entrepreneurship, and a passion for reinventing the education system of Hawaiʻi. Reflecting on his education experiences and researching various organizations and programs that align with his vision, he hopes to develop a vision of what Hawaiʻi education looks like with entrepreneurship embedded in it.