Roosevelt High School



Rooted’s purpose is to create eco-friendly t-shirts that help spread awareness about endangered and endemic native Hawaiian plants. The purpose of Rooted designs and products are to provide wearable and trendy art that not only makes you look good, but feel good as well. Each design represents a native Hawaiian plant that is endemic and unique to one of the Hawaiian islands, includes a brief story about the plant and its purpose, and raises funds to support native ecosystem restoration. 

Hānai Makana

Hānai Makana (roughly meaning adopted gift) is a tool to raise awareness and level of caring about Hawaiʻi’s native endangered plant species through two highly interactive apps focusing on native flora. These apps give people a chance to raise their own virtual plant and learn about the conditions necessary for native plants to thrive, and also to immerse themselves in Hawaiʻi’s beautiful landscape and diverse ecosystem through virtual field trips.


Ola: for native hawaiian plants

“Ola for Native Hawaiian Plants” is a subscription box service designed to bring awareness to the native Hawaiian ecosystem and culture. Ola founders are passionate about the celebration of Hawaiʻi, and having a more locally-grounded economy and ecosystem. Each box will include a variety of Hawaiʻi-based products, with each box varying by theme. Included in each subscription box is a native Hawaiian plant; buyers can select from two options: 1) pick up a plant on one of the Ola plant distribution days, or donate it to one of Oʻahu's elementary schools to be planted on their campus.

marketing and events

The purpose of this group is to spread awareness of products and prototypes created by Moonshot Lab students, in support of the community needs identified by clients, Polynesian Voyaging Society, and City & County of Honolulu.  This group works on bringing the products and prototypes to the public, creating events and social media publicity.