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Moonshot Lab Hawaiʻi

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What if… instead of preparing kids for the jobs of today that are rooted in a dying economic and cultural framework, education uplifted their voices so that the work is led by those who will suffer the most from staying the course and who stand to gain the most through developing agency, voice, and choice in their future and ours...

Moonshot Lab Hawaiʻi (MSLHI) puts students at the center of transforming Hawaiʻi, asking them to shape the future they will live and work in.  Each Moonshot Lab is a physical space where students from multiple schools come to gain the supports, tools, and resources to dream and build audacious solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

At Moonshot Lab Hawaiʻi (MSLHI), we cultivate each student’s knowledge, creativity, and agency through project based learning that is grounded in their specific community and culture. We measure success based on things like how well they collaborated with one another and built their critical thinking skills. Our approach allows us to not only measure their individual progress but also their collective contribution to society.