Hālau Kū Māna Public Charter School


Moʻolelo (360 thinglink)

This group wanted to give the waʻa(canoe) experience to people who do not have access to the waʻa. They utilized Thinglink to showcase Hōkūleʻa and Hikianalia and highlighted various parts of the waʻa along with some moʻolelo (stories) of the canoes. The 360 photograph gives people access to the waʻa wherever they may physically be. 

Universal Waʻa App

This group wanted a one stop shop to learn about the various pieces related to the waʻa experience and preparation. They have created an app that contains sections about the history of the waʻa, different knots for sailing, and some cultural protocol that contains the genealogy of the various waʻa in Hawaiʻi. 


3D Print

This group worked on various designs and prototypes focusing on different aspects of the waʻa experience. They have 3D printed a waʻa model to help learn the waʻa parts and they printed some star compasses for people to start to learn the Hawaiian star compass. They wanted to create various manipulatives to aid in the learning process. 


The planetarium group worked to bring the real life night experience to the schools in Hawaiʻi and beyond. They created a way to make learning the night stars more engaging and real. Inside the planetarium, the group uses Stellarium to have access to the Hawaiian star lines that were used when navigating without modern instruments.


Sky Maps

This group designed a skin that sits on top of Google Sky Maps that shows the Hawaiian Star lines, Hawaiian star names and the Hawaiian star compass. They worked in collaboration with Pwo navigator Bruce Blankenfeld to design their prototype on paper. Then they collaborated with an app developer from Greece to realize their design. They hope to put their app on Google Glass to aid apprentice navigators in their learning process.