Hawaiʻi Green Growth

In the Fall, Hawaii Green Growth contracted EI to support and facilitate the development of the green workforce and education goals for the Aloha + Dashboard. We gathered input from key stakeholders in the education community and facilitated a statewide convening of local leaders.

Kauaʻi High School Discussion

In February, leaders, teachers, and students from Kauaʻi High School contracted EI for an afternoon professional development session. Education Incubator provided an immersive innovation/growth-mindset experience, followed by a facilitated debrief and brainstorming session about an innovation center at Kauaʻi High School.

Damien School Retreat

In January, leaders from Damien School contracted EI for a day-long professional development session. The day focused on activities to develop a shared vision of innovation for Damien and its community as the school prepared to open an innovation center.

EI is currently contracted by the Hawaii Conservation Alliance to support planning execution of the Hawaii Conservation Conference. As part of this work, we are using the conference as an opportunity to highlight and showcase the work of the Moonshot Lab Hawaii students.

Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance