2017-2018 Year in Review 

Education Incubator (EI) is Hawaiʻi’s only independent, non-partisan, non-profit dedicated to incubating, studying, and systemically scaling leading-edge innovations in learning. We generate solutions with communities rather than for communities by grounding our work in honoring and valuing the unique culture, resources, and communities we serve. We operate with the theory that focusing resources and networks to place children and community at the center of developing innovative solutions will lead to conditions for true individual and community self-determination. In short, education is freedom.

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This year, Education Incubator collaborated with various organizations to host several events and also was a part of the third cohort of Hawaiʻi Investment Ready (HIR).  

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We at Education Incubator collaborated with various organizations to help support their mission and vision this year. 

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In our inaugural year of Moonshot Lab Hawaiʻi, we learned so much alongside our students and have had the opportunity to work with various student groups on Oʻahu. We also worked with teachers and administrators of several schools within our ahupuaʻa.