Education Incubator

What If...


instead of preparing kids for the jobs of today that are rooted in a dying economic and cultural framework, education uplifted the voices of our youth so that the work is led by those who will suffer the most from staying the course we have historically been on, but who stand to gain the most through developing agency, voice, and choice in their future and ours?

instead of teaching to the test, school was a place where kids met to discuss and innovate solutions to the challenges and goals of their communities?  Where instead of measuring absences or retention and graduation rates or seat time, we evaluated authentic contributions towards a better world?  

instead of education being a series of treatments of perceived student deficiencies, school became synonymous with engaging programs that excite kids to be compassionate innovators, creating conditions for community health and prosperity?

kids’ ideas mattered now, and their innovations became opportunities for community investment and community wealth?



Education incubator aims to unleash the power of kid & community driven innovation by creating and scaling innovative approaches to learning that put kids and community at the center. We are solving for a reinvention of public education that is grounded in the value and voice of the people who education is traditionally done to rather than with (or by).


Our work focuses on resetting the scattered foundation of the entire existing system, which is why we are not bound to a specific aspect of educational reform such as creating better tests.


By putting kids and communities at the center of learning, this systemic reset is inevitable as our work drives a mindset shift around the value and voice of kids and community.


The long term potential impact of this work reaches far beyond the education system into economy, environment, culture, place.



Moonshot Laboratory

Moonshot Laboratory is a place where kids from various schools can come to engage with and work on problems that matter. Instead of lectures and worksheets, students and teachers partner with community experts to learn about and identify solutions to challenges in their communities, engage in active inquiry, iterative solution generation, and rapid prototyping of potential solutions -- all in the spirit of compassionate innovation.  As Moonshot Laboratory (MSL) grows within and between communities, the physical labs and the kids that shape them will be networked to each other to foster collaborations.  This movement will spark a transformation in education to become an incubator for kid- and community-driven innovation, to shape the present and future our children should and can be leading us towards.

But it doesn’t stop there. At the Moonshot Lab we also help students build their dreams into companies and connect them to funders – including community members like you and I – who can invest capital in making their ideas a reality. Each Moonshot Lab will be grounded in the experts and resources of its community – uplifting that community’s knowledge and giving an opportunity for individual community members to invest directly in their kids.  The labs themselves and the kids that shape them will be part of a global network with ongoing opportunities to collaborate within and between regional labs.


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